Fee structure

Fees for 2020

Tuition material

For own account

The fees for the 2020 academic year:

  • Once-off registration fee: R1 500
  • Monthly tuition fees: R4 150 pm paid over 12 months (January to December) payable monthly in advance.
  • An early-bird 7.5% discount on fees is offered if paid in full before the end of January.
  • Extra lessons, if required are quoted separately after consultation with the parents.

Tuition materials are to be purchased directly from Impaq (for the Impaq curriculum), or from the British International Distance College (for the Cambridge curriculum).

For further information regarding the tuition material, including pricing, please click on one of the following links:

Impaq curriculum: www.impaq.co.za

Cambridge curriculum: www.bidc.co.za

Items for the student’s own account:

  • Stationery, including notepads, exam pads and files.
  • Laptop computer – if desired. This is NOT a prerequisite but is very useful nonetheless.
  • The cost of any excursions – these are not compulsory and are at the parent’s discretion.