Student tours

To provide an exciting alternative to classroom study, we arrange the following outings for our students. These outings are not compulsory and the attendance is left to the parent’s discretion. Group rates on transport and entrance fees are negotiated to keep costs to a minimum.

Safe, reliable transport providers are used and students are under adult supervision at all times.

Sci-Bono Body Worlds

Maropeng Cradle of Humankind and Sterkfontein Caves

Zip line forest canopy tour

Adopted orphanage

BODY WORLDS Vital is an engaging and unique opportunity to educate students on what lies beneath their skin – in ways beyond the potential of models, textbooks or images. Educators gain the ability to bring human anatomy, physiology and health education to their students through real plastinated specimens. BODY WORLDS Vital illustrates, first hand, the long-term impact of lifestyle choices, diseases and addictions. It also shows the mechanics of prostheses such as artificial knee and hip joints.

BODY WORLDS Vital provides an exceptional opportunity to teach relevant aspects of the Intermediate, Senior and FET Phases of the CAPS curriculum. It also offers a powerful teaching platform for university-level medical students.

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Maropeng is the official visitor centre of the Cradle of Humankind and the Sterkfontein Caves. Maropeng means “returning to the place of origin” in Setswana, the main indigenous language in this area of South Africa. The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is an easy drive of about an hour from Johannesburg or Pretoria. Our ancestors have lived in this area for more than 3-million years.

On arrival, you will see a massive burial mound called the Tumulus, which is your entrance to learning the secrets of our ancestry.

Adventure: Tour 2500m² of exhibits with an underground boat ride.

Award winning: Winner of the 2008 Tourist Attraction category at the South African Tourism Welcome Awards and many others.

Intriguing: See fossils, learn about how humankind was born, view stone tools up to 1-million years old, and much more.

Interactive: Ideal for children, the Maropeng Visitor Centre is self-guided and highly interactive.

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Located in the heart of the majestic Magaliesberg mountains, the Magaliesberg Canopy Tour is a unique eco-adventure that takes you on a journey through the ecology and geology of the second oldest mountain range in the world – estimated to be 2,400 million years old. Eleven platforms have been constructed high against the rock faces of the spectacular Ysterhout Kloof – a natural wonderland carved out of the mountainside over millions of years – joined by 10 cabled slides up to 140 metres long and in places 30 metres above the canopy floor.

The canopy tour is a fun outdoor activity for the individual thrill seeker, family getaways, student groups or corporate team building events. Two trained guides accompany each tour ensuring your safety while, at the same time, keeping you entertained with interesting facts about the history of the range and its protected Fauna and Flora.

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The Johannesburg Children’s Home has been adopted by our students as the organisation they would most like to support in terms of fundraising activities. We feel that it is important for students to appreciate what they do have in life by working with those far less fortunate than themselves. Our students grow in character by experiencing the opportunity to move out of their comfort zones for a short while.

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