About our study centres

Moving away from tradition

Princeton Centre of Learning is owned and managed by Ian Smit, whose extensive experience in the fields of education, corporate finance and business consulting provides invaluable insight into the learning challenges your child may face.

Having completed both his Bachelors and Masters degrees through part time study, Ian fully understands the requirements of non-traditional studying.

A passion for helping teenagers achieve their full potential, plus the recognition that mainstream schooling models aren’t suitable to all children’s needs, led Ian to establish his own home study centre – Princeton Centre of Learning.

Our goal at Princeton is to provide parents and their children with the best of both worlds – classroom based support and guidance from top notch educators, operating in a relaxed, nurturing environment combined with the pace and depth of learning that only home schooling can provide.

Smaller classes – better guidance

With our small facilitator-led groups of no more than 12 students, we are able to ensure that your child remains focussed on the work at hand and also completes all their assignments, homework and tests.

The small class size is well suited to students with ADD or ADHD.

World-class Curriculum

Our students are able to choose between the highly regarded Impaq or Cambridge curriculum.

The Impaq curriculum has been developed in line with the Department of Basic Education’s requirements (CAPS+). On completion of their grade 12, students write the National Senior Certificate exams (NSC), a qualification fully recognised by all institutions of higher education in South Africa.

The internationally recignised Cambridge curriculum enables students to undertake studies from Foundation Stage through to AS level, from where they can then apply to universities in South Africa and abroad.

Education at your own pace

A personalised study program is designed for each student, taking into account the amount of study hours available and also the student’s preferred learning pace in each subject. Because our facilitators review your child’s progress according to this program on a daily basis, any difficulties your child may be experiencing with a subject will be picked up immediately.

Parent – student feedback

To help monitor your child’s progress, parents are provided with written feedback at the end of every term. Our open door policy encourages parents to discuss any aspect of their child’s education with the principal or group facilitator at any time.


We have two home study centres:

Randburg Study Centre:
128 Barkston Drive in Blairgowrie focuses on grades 6 to 12.

Sandton Study Centre:
4 and 6 Pongola Ave, Strathavon focuses on grades R to 12.