We offer students the option of studying either the highly acclaimed Impaq or Cambridge curriculum.

Impaq Curriculum

The Impaq curriculum has been developed in line with the Department of Basic Education requirements (CAPS+). On completion of their grade 12 studies, students write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams.

The Impaq curriculum currently has over 15,000 students enrolled from grades R – 12 and is fully recognised by all institutes of education and higher education in South Africa. With the appropriate marks, students are able to apply for admission to any South African or international university.

For more information on the subjects offered by Impaq, please click on the following link:

Cambridge Curriculum

Cambridge International Examinations Curriculum offers the following:

Foundation Course – Equivalent to Grades 8 & 9
The Cambridge Foundation Course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive grounding in the subjects of English, General Science and Mathematics.

IGCSE Course – Equivalent to Grades 10 & 11
The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is recognised as a valid school leaving qualification.

AS Level – Equivalent to Grade 12
The Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS) is the first stage of A levels, and on successful completion of these courses, students achieve an International Qualification. Students are then able to proceed to a university degree.

For more information on the subjects offered the Cambridge curriculum, please click on the following link:

Exams, assignments and marking

Princeton Centre of Learning is an accredited Cambridge International and Impaq exam centre.

  • All grade 3 to 11 Impaq assignments and exams are written and marked by our teachers at our study centre.
  • Grade 12 Impaq assignments and exams are written at our study centre, but are marked independently of us and Impaq by external markers appointed by Impaq.
  • All Cambridge exams are written at our study centre, but are marked by the British International Distance College. We ensure that these exams and assignments are submitted and marked timeously.

What is provided by Impaq and Cambridge

Depending on the curriculum chosen, learners receive the following material (where applicable) from either Impaq or Cambridge to successfully complete their academic year:

  • study guides
  • text books
  • prescribed literature in certain subjects
  • learning aids
  • data CDs
  • study notes
  • flash cards
  • wall charts

Impaq also offers excellent support products and tools for facilitators, which means that facilitators are able assist and guide the students in an effective manner, ultimately resulting in better grades.

Items for the student’s own account

  • Stationery, including notepads, exam pads and files.
  • Laptop computer – if desired. This is NOT a prerequisite but is very useful nonetheless.
  • The cost of any excursions – these are not compulsory and are at the parent’s discretion.


  • A 4 term school program is followed, in line with government schools.
  • All teachers and facilitators are fully qualified with the appropriate experience.
  • Fees are payable over a 12 month period and are payable monthly in advance.