Live, online learning

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many students feel reluctant to return to classes for fear of becoming infected with the virus.

To counter this, Princeton Centre of Learning has developed a unique method of studying, comprising both online lessons, and in-class teaching.

Students are able to customise a study package that suits their needs in terms of online lessons, and in-class lessons. Those that have weak immune systems attend our online lessons from home only, whilst other students prefer to attend classes at school on a full-time basis and make use of the valuable teacher support. Other students prefer a combination of both online lessons from home, and also attend lessons at school. This helps students from a socialisation point of view, and where meeting with their friends is also a valuable morale booster.

Our fully qualified teachers present their lessons via Zoom from within our classrooms, and record these lessons to Google Classroom for students to access at any time in the future.

In addition to these online lessons, we provide study notes on Google Classroom to assist students with specific areas of learning.

Stringent safety measures are applied by the students attending class lessons, such as regular temperature checking, appropriate social distancing and the sanitising of hands and classrooms.